Canine Ambassador


What is a Canine Ambassador?


A Canine Ambassador goes out to meet the public, whether it be in the class room, dog shows, parades or visiting pet stores in any given area.  The intent is to teach the public about the breed you and your dog represent, inform the public or students about responsible dog care, and give the public a well behaved, groomed, happy representative of the mastiff world so they know what to look for when they search for that special puppy.  It's a great tool for you and your dog to spend quality time together, doing something to benefit the mastiff breed and bring you closer together.


The AKC has a great program worth taking a look at and joining if possible.  Logged visits and expeditions work towards your working dog title through the Mastiff Club of America (MCOA).   The Canine Good Citizen (CGC) and Therapy Dogs International (TDI) programs are great areas to start you on your journey.  If you need a place to begin with obedience, check out the Puppy Kindergarten classes in your area.  The Kennel Clubs, LSMF, and respective breed clubs in your area offer great instruction and mentors who are willing to lend a hand.  Visit area dog shows to meet people who show the breed you are involved with or are interested in, they are always interested in talking shop.


We firmly believe in Canine Ambassadors and do all we can to get out there and meet the public.   So, please take the time and involve your whole family in this rewarding area of dog ownership.  If you would like to know to more about this wonderful pastime, please take a look at our newsletters (our ambassadors are highlighted), check our event calendar and feel free to email us.